September 09, 2020

Franklin TN best small town America

Nestled by the Harpeth river, about 20 miles south of Nashville lies a one of the best small towns in America and one of the most charming. It was founded in 1799 and a little known fact was that it was actually named after Benjamin Franklin.

Rich with southern charm, shops, restaurants and packed with history you will find an historic Main Street. old movie theaters and rich Civil war history.

 There is a reason that it has been voted “Nicest places in America” , one of the “25 Coolest Towns in America” and one of “The South’s Prettiest Towns”.

 Here are some of the things that make it unique and a great place to live.

Franklin TN Theatre

Get the small town feel, close to the city

Since it is only 20 miles away from downtown Nashville, Franklin TN has become a favorite for people yearning for a simpler life for their families, but not completely giving up the big city bustle.

If you decide to move to Franklin, TN.,you can have the best of both worlds. A charming historical Main Street, country hiking paths and an authentic farmers market on Saturday. There are also lots of family friendly festivals, not the least being A Dickens Christmas held in downtown Franklin.

In fact there is a saying that Downtown Franklin never met a Festival it didn’t like. The calendar for festivals is full every month and there is never a lack of live music or family friendly gatherings.
But yet Nashvillerestaurants and awesome music are all just a short drive away.

Relocating to Franklin TN

True Southern Charm

The first thing you notice when you get to Franklin, TN is how friendly everyone is. And in a genuine way. People say please and thank you and they hold doors for you. They even let you into traffic, (Gasp!) instead of cutting you off or running you off the road. A big change if you are coming from a big city. It is going to take some getting used to but in a good way

Southern manners and charm are a real thing there.  And it is a breath of fresh air. People connect. They ask you about your day and how you are. Even if it is just at the Shell station at the corner.
There is a real sense of community that you don’t quite find in other places. Neighbors help each other out. The community bands together.  Even if it is just to find the cow named “Oreo” that escaped last night.  Rest assured someone spread the word and find him lickety split.

And you will find your share of old southern money and country music celebrities here in Franklin, but rest assured they are all just mingling in with the rest of us enjoying their day.

Downtown Franklin TN

Great Schools

Williamson County is known for their excellent public school system. Consistently ranked very high in Academics, Teachers, Clubs & Activities & College Prep.  The school district is helped by the counties very strong economy and commitment to education.

Again, the common theme here is that there is a sense of community and an investment in that community across the board.


Its Music City! And a music lovers dream!

Music is a huge part of Nashvilleand all of the surrounding areas.  Most of the bigger music industry people live in Franklin or just south in Leipers Fork.

There is usually live music going on at most restaurants and bars around Franklin at any given time. The Franklin Theatre is always host to a wonderful array of live music artists every week.

There is even live music at the grocery store! Pucketts Grocery out in Leipers Fork has live music 5 nights a week and a legendary Open Mic night on Thursdays. And you never know who may show up there!



Ok, let’s talk taxes. One of the best things about living in Tennessee is that there is NO state income tax. You heard that right. None. Nada. Zero.

If you are coming from a high tax state like California (like we did) , or perhaps the east coast, you know how the tax burden can just become crushing over time.

On another tax note, the property taxes in Williamson County and Franklin TN are very reasonable and often a fraction of what they are in other states.

If you want more information on moving to Nashville, Franklin TN or Williamson County, I would be happy to help you out. Feel free to contact me and we can chat about how to make the move as smooth as possible and start enjoying Franklin, TN. as much as I do!

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