January 10, 2022

It’s New Year’s Resolution Time! Is your New Year’s Resolution to move to Tennessee?

 If it is then I say let’s get started now! 

Many people make New Years Resolutions and they fall under many categories.  Health/exercise, financial, take up a hobby, volunteer, less social media, move etc.

 They all fall under the category of “make my life better.”

I haven’t heard anyone say it yet, but I am sure there are some people out there who are tired of living where they live and have made a New Year’s resolution to move to Tennessee…whatever it takes. Nashville seems to be high on a lot of people’s list because of the mild weather, great schools and everyones favorite…low taxes.

If you have made the New Years resolution to move to Tennessee, there are a few key tips:

Be Patient

Be Persistent

Be Ready

 I know these don’t necessarily go together, but when searching for a new home in this market they make sense.

Be Patient:

Inventory continues to be low.  There are houses for sale.  But, if we don’t find the right home for you the first day all is not lost.  I have worked with clients for 10-11 months and for only a few weeks before we found a home for them. 

Also, with inventory being a little tight, imagination, creativity flexibility is very important.   I am not saying to settle for something you don’t love, but if it matches most of your wants and needs a little paint and some light fixtures go a long way.  If it is a horse property you are in search of , fencing can be put up, barns can be built (and delivered in one piece) and riding arenas can be added later.

Be Persistent:

Keep Looking!  Always Be Looking…everyone else is!

Be Ready:

When the home comes along that is “it” or could be it with the above mentioned paint, light fixtures, imagination & creativity, make the move.  The current market isn’t for the faint of heart.  There isn’t a lot of taking time to think about it or waiting to see if the price comes down.  Any home that is decent has multiple offers, so make sure one of them is yours.

I am not trying to discourage anyone, only trying to educate and prepare everyone to achieve their New Year’s Resolution.

If you have some logistics and/or an event that is preventing you from moving right now, that is ok.  Call me and let’s start looking now!  Not only will you get to see what is available as you get closer to decision day, you will gain knowledge along the way about areas, neighborhoods, pricing and such.  I will be your boots on the ground here to go check out properties for you. Facetime, additional pictures and drone videos can all be part of the recon.

Here’s to a Healthy & Happy 2022! And welcome to Tennessee!

Ryan Charlick
Ryan Charlick

Franklin TN Realtor | Call me to get started finding your dream home! | 714-345-1255

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