Howdy!  I am Ryan and I am a Franklin TN. realtor who is passionate about helping people relocate to Franklin TN and Nashville.

My lovely wife and I moved to Franklin, TN 7 years ago.  We had Nashville and Austin on the short list but we never even made it to Austin. We immediately fell in in love with Nashville and never looked back.!  I am originally from the Detroit area and have lived in Charlotte, Boston, San Francisco & Huntington Beach. I moved around with a previous corporate job and I am thankful that I had great experiences in each city.

With all the moves I am experienced in what it takes to pack up and move to a new city. It is not only a great new adventure but also a bit daunting and a ton of work. But, that’s where I come in.

I like helping people, it’s just my nature. Working with people and learning their stories and helping them find something that they have an emotional attachment with is both exciting and fulfilling.

Nashville and the surrounding areas, including Franklin, TN. has many diverse neighborhoods, suburbs, nearby cities & rural communities.

Let me help you navigate the different nuances of each and help to find you the right combination of a home and community that fits your needs.

I have lived in big cities (Boston & San Francisco) and in the country (Howell, MI & currently in Franklin, TN, the country part) and can appreciate each. Want a modern condo in Downtown Nashville? I can make that happen. Looking for your own piece of heaven and a little bit of southern charm? I can help you with that as well. I have owned several farms in Leipers Fork and know the rolling hills and farm life quite well. My wife has several horses so I can also help you navigate the ins and outs of setting up an equestrian property.

Whatever your needs are I can help make your transition into Nashville real estate a great experience.

If you are looking to buy a home, let me help you make the process easy and stress-free. No more digging through old and outdated listings on Zillow, Redfin or Trulia.

We would be happy to send you daily listings  tailored to your personal search criteria with up to the minute information so you can be the first one to see your dream home!  SIGN UP TODAY>