October 13, 2019

Moving to Franklin TN

Moving to Nashville TN?

Hello, I‘m Ryan and this is my real estate blog.

I live in Franklin, TN with my lovely wife and a few pets of large and larger sizes.  I never thought I would be a dog and horse owner, but I am and if nothing else it keeps me in shape with all the chores.  We call it farm fit.

We moved out here to Leipers Fork TN, 6 years ago and have never looked back.  That might come as a surprise when I tell say we moved from Southern California, pretty close to the beach.  It was nice, but like a lot of things that are nice we take them for granted and would say every weekend…we’ll go the beach next weekend.

Moving from California was not as much of a change as you would imagine as both my wife and I have lived in a number of cities throughout the US.  I grew up and went to college in Michigan and worked in advertising for 8 years.  That career took me to Charlotte, NC, Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA and then finally to Huntington Beach, CA.

So moving to a new city with new surroundings and new people and new this, that and the other things doesn’t bother me.  I always considered it a challenge and always made the best of any place I lived.  In moving around that much I have made great friends in each place that I still keep in touch with.

Looking for a realtor in Nashville TN to help you relocate?

As a realtor in Nashville, TN.  I am interested in helping people relocate to Tennessee or invest in Tennessee real estate.  I have done both, so I believe my experience will help me with people relocating or anyone wanting to invest in Nashville real estate.

Enough about me….Now for the real estate information part.

Where is everyone in Nashville moving from:

1.   California-Hollywood is not as cool as it used to be.  Lat year, California had it’s lowest growth rate since 1900.  It’s just plain expensive, I lived there. The taxes and cost of living just keep rising exponentially every year. 

2.   Chicago – Also, Illinois is the number one state that people are leaving.

3.   New York – 2nd highest state that people are leaving.

4.   D.C

5. Detroit – Being from this area I though I would add it.  I am also surprised that it isn’t ranked higher with the number of people I meet here from MI.

I am going with tax rates as the common theme for many people leaving the areas of Chicago, NY, DC, LA. 

So if you’re reading this and looking to relocate to Nashville, Franklin, Leipers Fork or any of the surrounding areas please let me know how I can assist you in finding a place to call home here in Middle Tennessee. 


Ryan Charlick
Ryan Charlick

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